Translating Information
Translating data from Grasshopper to Revit and Catia

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Suzhou Space

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Before starting at LMN, I lived in China for over three years, where I became fascinated by the classical gardens of Suzhou. These gardens, unique to southern China, are populated […]

LMN Office Renovation 2: Occupancy Comfort


This is the second post in a series about the LMN Office Renovation focusing on the technologies we leveraged to make a better space in which to work.  The LMN […]

A Computational Commute


When I first moved to Seattle, the thing that most surprised me was the number of hills. The city is, after all, better known for its rain and its coffee […]

LMN’s Office Renovation 1: Daylighting Strategies


As has been mentioned in a number of previous posts we recently renovated our office here in Seattle.  Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting some of the more interesting aspects […]

Climate Data Trajectories


We’ve updated the Climate Data Visualizer to accommodate for future climate files in architectural design, drawing off the Climate Change World Weather File Generator by the University of Southampton.

Interacting with Climate Data


We’ve design a web-based tool for architectural designers to interact with abstract climate data. Using D3JS, an EPW is parsed to study all of its parameters.

ThreeJS Transformations with Grasshopper


We’ve designed an interface which allows for linear interpolation of transformation matrices between Grasshopper and ThreeJS.

Copying Legends and Schedules in Revit

One of the frustrating things with Revit is that it’s sometimes difficult to do seemingly simple tasks. One of my colleagues asked me if I knew of a way to […]



As a follow-up to our previous post on two-dimensional browser interaction, we looked into Three.JS and added the library to our D3 workflow. This method ties Grasshopper into browser rendering for user interaction.

Superb Lyrebird


A few months ago we posted about an interoperability tool that we made to help us go between Grasshopper and a couple of other applications that we were working with […]