Translating Information
Translating data from Grasshopper to Revit and Catia

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Interacting with Climate Data


We’ve design a web-based tool for architectural designers to interact with abstract climate data. Using D3JS, an EPW is parsed to study all of its parameters.

ThreeJS Transformations with Grasshopper


We’ve designed an interface which allows for linear interpolation of transformation matrices between Grasshopper and ThreeJS.

Copying Legends and Schedules in Revit

One of the frustrating things with Revit is that it’s sometimes difficult to do seemingly simple tasks. One of my colleagues asked me if I knew of a way to […]



As a follow-up to our previous post on two-dimensional browser interaction, we looked into Three.JS and added the library to our D3 workflow. This method ties Grasshopper into browser rendering for user interaction.

Superb Lyrebird


A few months ago we posted about an interoperability tool that we made to help us go between Grasshopper and a couple of other applications that we were working with […]

Grasshopper to D3JS


This tool allows the user to toggle a button in Grasshopper to create a D3JS view. Views can be orthogonal or perspective and are either defined by the viewport or by an optional rectangle drawn in the Rhino model.

Dassault Systemes Customer Story


When we were at the 3DExperience Customer Forum back in November we had the opportunity to sit down with our friends and Dassault Systemes and do a customer story on […]

Grasshopper with D3JS for Section Studies


We’re studying interfaces which allow us to represent complex systems in a legible way. This post focuses on Grasshopper to D3JS workflows to create interfaces for complex architectural systems.

The Octahedron Receives an Honorable Mention in AN’s Best Of Design Awards > Fabrication


We’re honored to learn the Octahedron received an Honorable Mention in Architect’s Newpaper’s Best Of Design Awards in the Fabrication category. ┬áCongrats to the other winners for their great work.

Cleveland Medical Mart Receives an Honorable Mention in AN’s Best of Design Awards > Facade


The facade of the Cleveland Medical Mart received an honorable mention in the Architect’s Newspaper’s Best of Design Awards in the Facades category.